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My article in MSDN Magazine: Using MEF to Expose Interfaces in Your Silverlight MVVM Apps
January 5, 2011 · Managed Extensibility Framework MSDN Magazine MVVM Silverlight

Cracking a Microsoft contest or why Silverlight-WCF security is important
December 23, 2010 · MSDN Benelux Security Silverlight Windows Communication Foundation

A guide to cleaner XAML with custom namespaces and prefixes (WPF/Silverlight)
September 22, 2010 · Silverlight Windows Presentation Foundation XAML

Controlling and viewing the ScrollBar positions of your Silverlight DataGrid
September 14, 2010 · Silverlight

Making WCF RIA Services work in a DMZ/Multitier architecture using Application Request Routing
September 2, 2010 · Silverlight WCF RIA Services

Things you can do with WCF RIA Services and a regular .svc file
September 1, 2010 · Silverlight WCF RIA Services

Silverlight Business Application: Unable to connect to SQL Server database.
July 19, 2010 · Silverlight WCF RIA Services