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October 3, 2011 · Hosting Office 365

Domain names in Office365 using Combell

Finally… I decided to buy an Office 365 account and after playing around with the platform I’m happy I did! In this article I’ll show an easy to follow guide on how you can link your Office 365 subscription to a domain name you have at Combell. Why Combell? Because… it’s one of the best hosting companies around! Ok maybe they’re a bit expensive, but their service is worth the money. Great interface to manage all your products, great support (I talked to their helpdesk on a sunday at 9PM!), …

I own the domain sandrino.be and it used to be hosted at One.com. Since I wasn’t that happy with One.com (and their DNS manager for the domain isn’t that great) I decided to move it to Combell. The procedure was quite simple: I ordered the domain on Combell and payed for it. After a few minutes I got an email from dns.be with a transfercode I could use on the Combell order page. And poof… that was it, my domain was now on Combell and I was ready to start!

Validating the domain

Your domain can be used for sending mails, for your website, … But before you can actually use it Office 365 needs to know you’re the owner of the domain. That’s what we’ll do first. Get an Office 365 account and navigate to https://portal.microsoftonline.com/Domains/DomainManager.aspx. This page allows you to add your own domains in Office 365 and this is where I added my domain.

But after adding the domain you’ll see this:

In short, you’ll need to add something to your domain so that Microsoft can be sure you really own it. The only thing you’ll need to do is add a TXT record to the domain and as you’ll see this is very easy to do with Combell. Write down the text you see in the table in the Destination or Points to Address column.

First you’ll need to navigate to http://my.combell.com (keep the current Verify domain page open, you’ll need to get back to it soon). Since I transferred my domain from an other registrar I need to change the nameservers. You can skip this step if you didn’t transfer a domain to Combell.

Once you arrive on the page go to Mijn domeinnamen and one of the domain names you own using the Beheer button.

The Beheer button brings you to the settings of this domain and will also allow you to change the nameservers for the domain. Go to Nameservers in the left menu and choose the option Combell nameservers. This will allow you to modify the settings of the domain.

To modify the settings navigate back to http://my.combell.com but choose DNS & forwarding *beheer this time. And yet again, choose the domain you want to modify using the *DNS & forwarding button this time.

Choose the option TXT-records from the left menu and add the destination we saw on the Verify domain page in Office 365. Here is how I did it:

That’s it! Now go back to the Verify domain page in Office 365 and press the Verify *button. If you see the *Edit name server records this means the verification succeeded.

Changing the nameservers

There you go, Office 365 is ready to take over the domain. Take a look at the following page in the wizard:

This page explains that you need to change the nameservers for the domain to Microsoft’s nameservers. As a result, you’ll be able to modify the domain settings in Office 365 but also to link it to the services you use in Office 365. Again, don’t close this page.

Take the 2 nameservers and set them in the settings of your domain (under Domeinnamen, the domain, Nameservers):

Go back to the Edit name server records page in Office 365 and press Next. As a result you should see that the domain is now active:

Using the domain

The reason why I wanted to do this is to have my email addresses in Office365 ending with "@sandrino.be". Go to the Users page (https://portal.microsoftonline.com/UserManagement/UserManager.aspx) and open a user for who you’ll want to change the email address and go to the Properties page.

On this page you’ll be able to change the primary email address:

If you want to edit yourself you’ll see that the username textbox and combobox are read-only. To change the primary email address you’ll need to create a temp user with administrator rights, login with this user, modify your actual user, delete the temp user.


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